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James Dacey
James Dacey
I Had a really great induction today thank you Cemal
Xolani Malunga
Xolani Malunga
I was very happy with the induction today thank you Cemal
Gary Blaken
Gary Blaken
Completing my NVQ Level 4 and Cemal was my assessment hero to be honest. Cemal was very helpful through out and kept in touch frequently asking how you was then asking about how the assessment was running. He was always pushing you to complete your tasks in a good way as he has a good knack at doing this. Overall i cannot thank Cemal enough for all his effort and can personally recommend Kortas Training and will be looking to use again when its time for Level 6. Thanks again
Ross Brodie
Ross Brodie
I completed my Level 6 Construction Site Management NVQ through Kortas Training. I would recommend Cemal and his team to all. He supported me throughout my qualification and kept me focused on my end goal. Whilst working full time it is often easy to push self study to one side, however Cemal ensured I stayed on track by regular meetings and contact. He was very approachable and helpful no matter what you needed. Thanks again and I hope some of you reading this will have the same experience. Ross
Rhodri Owen
Rhodri Owen
Currently doing NVQ level 6 and very satisfied with the training that has been given to me during this qualification.


Frequently Asked Questions

Virtually every job in the construction industry involves a practical skillset. The only way to build this skillset is by practicing the relevant skills.Construction NVQs are designed with the workplace in mind. You’ll be assessed onsite, as you work. At the start of every course you’ll be put in touch with an assessor. The job of the assessor is to observe you working and assess your competences. They’ll ask you and your co-workers questions, they’ll look at your work while it’s in progress and once it’s finished. Ultimately, what the assessor is looking for is evidence that you are capable and work safely meeting the industry standard for the role you want.

The amount of the on-site assessment will depend on the course. Some courses involve simpler skills, and consequently can be assessed relatively quickly. More advanced courses where candidates are expected to perform complex tasks and make judgements will require more time.
The assessor will typically visit more often toward the end of the course. Before visiting your assessor will contact you and will arrange a date that suit both you and your employer.

Initial payment is 50% and will be required on the day of registration.
Remaining fee is payable on completion of your course. For all payments, you can choose method convenient for you, bank transfer, credit card or debit card.

This truly depends on your commitment however, generally Level 2 assessment normally takes around 4 - 12 weeks.
Levels 3 to 7 will take longer and is quite often dependent on the candidate’s commitment to providing the necessary evidence.

Evidence of your NVQ assessment can be submitted electronically.

Different sorts of construction NVQ will require different levels of independent study. For all NVQ qualifications you will need to complete a course workbook which will demonstrate theoretical knowledge of the qualification you wish to achieve. We are here to assist along the way so, do not be discouraged by workbooks. We will ensure that you get the appropriate support to successfully complete your qualification.

Yes. Once your initial fee is paid, you can apply for a Red (Trainee) or Red (Experienced Worker) CSCS card. Extra fees may apply.

Yes. If you hold the required skills and experience to pass a higher-level assessment, you can be assessed for any NVQ level.

If you do not attain the required credits to complete the NVQ, you will not be awarded one. However, it’s technically impossible to fail an NVQ. At the end of the course, you are classed as either ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’. It is often possible to take additional units to obtain the necessary credits or you can always be re-assessed at a later time. This will enable you to provide additional evidence to eventually increase your points to total up to a ‘competent’.
In practice, most candidates will be judged ‘competent’. At the start of each course, our assessors will have an initial meeting with you and assess your suitability. This will enable the assessor to direct you towards the appropriate course, that will meet your needs as well as enable you to progress in your trade.

You will require a valid CITB Health and Safety Test in order to obtain your CSCS Card. So, if you don’t have one or you passed your test more than 2 years ago please visit Construction Skills website to book one.

Red CSCS Cards are temporary cards for individuals working on construction sites that require proof they are working towards the relevant qualification for the job they do on site

To qualify for the red card, you need to:

  1. Check to see if your job role is covered by CSCS occupations.
  2. Pass the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test.
  3. Register for an NVQ or SVQ.
  4. Complete an NVQ or SVQ profiling session.
  5. For Supervisors: Take the Supervisors test.
  6. For Managers: Take the Managers and Professionals Test.
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